Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reiki II Attunement

You may be been working with Reiki I for a few months or years and now you feel it's time to move on to a higher level of Reiki. There is little difference in the process. Your teacher will be sure you remember the positions and ask and answer questions. There are those who stopped using Reiki and then see an add for a class on Reiki II and decide that's what they want. The more Reiki you do, however, the stronger your connection to universal healing becomes. I waited about a year. I used Reiki on myself during that time. I really didn't think I was ready for treating others so I didn't. But I did treat my parents dog, Pigge, a poodle-maltese mix.  When he wouldn't eat, I would hold the food in my hand and intend Reiki. He would eat it all. My dad would tell me that I needed to feed Pigge because he hadn't eaten. Pigge lived several more years and his appetite returned.

My Reiki II attunement is probably unusual if compared to today's experience. I was the only student with one teacher and two teachers in training. They were of the Barbara Ray line and they handle teaching differently than the Phyllis Furumoto line. I'll write about this in a future blog. There could have been more students but I was the only one who signed up. It was great! This time the process took two evenings. I was attuned and then taught how to draw three symbols and how to use them. I was taught a shortcut for self healing and how to do distance healing. On the following evening my attunement was sealed and I was tested on the symbols. My assignment was to draw the symbols until I knew them by heart. I brought them to my next class and they were deemed good enough to teach from and then thrown away. That is because the symbols are not to be shared with "outsiders". Oh sure, today you can go on the internet and find these symbols and many more available to you. There are books that have the symbols illustrated as well. Anyone can use them but, if you haven't been attuned to them, if they haven't been passed on to you by a teacher, they don't work.

I learned about spreading out my self-treatment during the day, how to treat myself in a group without giving away what I was doing. Now, there's no reason people can't know you're giving yourself a Reiki treatment but if you're in an audience or an office this can be distracting to those around you. People don't pay much attention if you sit with your hands on your abdomen or behind your head. If you're walking or standing with your hands on your back, it's generally assumed you're back hurts or your's stretching. The point is, you can give yourself Reiki any time and most anywhere. If you have having pain or discomfort and it's not a 911 call you can treat yourself immediately. You can still treat yourself while you're waiting for an ambulance but if you need help, ask for it.

At this time I began treating my parents, usually through distance healing while they slept. I never opened a practice. I worked full time as a Librarian which means weekends and split shifts so there was little time to do a client justice. I did however, send and give Reiki treatments to friends and pets and plants.

About the symbols. I can't draw them for you or give you their names since I respect my teacher's wishes and understand the intention. I can however tell you a bit about them. The first is the Power symbol. It enhances the Reiki energy as it moves through you and to a client or just to you. I use it on my car engines and once was able to restart a battery with the symbol and Reiki. It only happened once but it was so cool. Now I just call Onstar. The second symbol is the Emotion symbol and is used to help with mental and emotional issues and is placed or drawn over the Power symbol. There are many ways to use the symbols and your teachers will share these with you but it's quite simple to draw the symbols (invisibly) onto the palms of your hands and increase the Reiki flow. The third symbol is the Distance symbol and is only used for remote healing treatments. I use it for journeying to a past event, my inner mind, or other dimensions as well.

I had one adverse effect from this attunement. More and more emotionallly needy people were attracted to me; just your average everyday can't get over their "stuff" folks and they had a need to share their problems with me. I began doing shielding meditations to cut down on the absorption of their energy. Essentially, any calming meditation before you start your day and envisioning yourself enveloped in a calming pink or blue cloud helps emensely. I was warned about this possibility by my teacher and later learned that this does happen to many people after their attunedment to Reiki II.

You may also find that animals, domestic and wild will present themself you to and expect you to send healing to them. Wild animals, usually deer, ferral cats, squirrels, and all the others will keep their distance but will look at you as if in the eye. They stand and wait. I hold up my hands and beam the energy to them and when they've had enough they go away. If you have an interest in treating animals with Reiki there are some very good books on the subject. Reiki goes to them even when you pet them. And of course you can Reiki their food.

If you have any questions about the process, please go to the Contact link and send me a message.

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