Monday, December 5, 2016

My Three Miracles

This article was originally posted in 2012 when my blog was called the Reiki Guide. I closed out that blog in 2013 and since then the name has been reassigned. I didn't include this story in my book, The Little Book of Reiki but I came to realize that my book might be read by people who aren'r familiar with Reiki and Dr. Usui. I'll add it in my next edition or my sequel.

There is a great deal of conjecture about Dr. Usui's background. I was taught that he was a Christian in search of the healing methods of Jesus.  I have heard that he was a Buddhist in search of the healing methods of Buddha. His story and the modern history of Reiki is well told  at Reiki.nu. The story that remains constant is his trip down Mount Karuma in Japan after his enlightenment: The Three Miracles of Dr. Usui.  After he achieved enlightenment, the doctor started back down the mountain and stubbed his toe cutting it.  He reached down to grab it as we all do when we hurt ourselves. The cut was healed. This was the first miracle. He reached an inn and asked for a meal. The innkeeper, realizing that this monk had been fasting and meditating for some time recommended a lite fare but Usui insisted upon a full meal. He was very hungry. The innkeeper brought his meal and Dr. Usui ate. When he was done he was well. He had no trouble keeping the meal down and was not in the least bit physically upset. This was the second miracle. The innkeeper's daughter came in and Dr. Usui saw that she had a towel wrapped around her face and head. He asked what was wrong and was told that she had a terrible toothache. The doctor asked if he could touch her and she acquiesced.  The young woman's pain was gone.This was the third miracle.

After attunement to Reiki, people have a wide variety of reactions. For some is it a gentle feeling of well being. It is common for initiates into this system of healing to experience two or three weeks of cold symptoms as their bodies react by flushing excess fluids and toxins. They will have runny noses and eyes and sneeze.  When I was attuned  I saw, in my minds eye, a lavender triangle spiraling through my crown chakra into my head. During our period of sharing my teacher said that she had seen it as well. This was my first miracle. I did have a feeling of well being. A sense that I was different.  My teacher noticed a difference in me. She said I seemed more calm. This was my second miracle.  During the next couple of days I went about my work and gave myself treatments every morning. On the third day I noticed my hands. My fingernails were growing. After a lifetime of nail biting I realized that I hadn't bitten my nails since I was attuned to first degree Reiki. Nail biting is a symptom of surpressed anger.This was my third miracle.

Of course, you may not recognize the little things that occur after your first or second or third attunements as miracles.  This is partly because others may have had the same or similar experiences and partly because we tend to think of miracles as larger than life events. If you are a Reiki practitioner, take a moment and think back to the first week after your first attunement and see what springs to mind.

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