Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Little Book of Reiki: a guide for self-healing

An excerpt from the book:


When we learned to give Reiki treatments, we were taught a dozen positions and the way to hold our hands. Place fingers and thumbs together to ensure that the energy wasn't scattered. Hands together, side by side or fingertips touching or fingertips touching the opposite wrist.  If you've been practicing for some time now, I hope you have come to trust your own intuition in the placement of hands. After all, the use of Reiki is intuitive. The structure set out by my teachers was a great place to start; a place to learn the cycle of my energy from my hands and a place to begin experimenting with non-touch treatments.

We begin at the head to connect with the higher consciousness of the recipient and to bring a consistent treatment to all systems but then we go back to any area that requires more attention. We treat the whole. Learn what works for you. Reiki hand positions cover organs and chakras on four levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe that any work I do with Reiki for myself or for others is spiritual. I am continually working on my higher self with additional meditations. 

I am a firm believer that Reiki practitioners should at the very least balance their chakras daily and at the best, give daily self-treatments and meditations. It is my opinion that you do a disservice to yourself and your clients if you don’t. I've read in several books that it is recommended that we treat ourselves at least once a week. I don't agree. I used to use the quick, 15-minute self-treatment I learned when I was attuned to second degree and I now feel it is inadequate for me. When pressed for time in the morning I treat the four head positions and balance my chakras. This takes 20 to 30 minutes. I find mornings to be the best time for meditations and self-treatment. Normally I am able to give myself a full treatment after my morning meditations. I rise early. I go to bed early, most of the time. I know this is different for everyone but If your normally rise at 9 make an effort to wake at 8. Your mind is most receptive when you first wake up.

The more we self-treat, the better we understand how Reiki works.  I used to say that I’m wounded but I'm healthy. The Crohn’s Disease was my wound. I have a couple of magnificent scars as a result of surgeries but I am not wounded. I got wrapped up in the archetype of the Wounded Healer. Big Mistake. Once you are healed you are no longer wounded and you shouldn’t think of yourself as such. Since doing daily treatments, my blood pressure is normal, I can better hear what my body is telling me about what its needs and even though it's my decision not to listen and suffer the consequences, I know why.  

The Little Book of Reiki is available at Create Space and Amazon for $6.95 and in Kindle for $3.99.

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